Apple finally released its Apple Watch. However, this is not the only Smartwatch on the market. If you are interested in wearable tech, you should take a look at what Android has to offer.
First of all, the Apple Watch is a fairly pricey piece of technology. Purchasing the item is not an easy task either since sales are limited to the Apple store. On the other hand, Android devices are a lot more affordable and sold by a wide number of retailers. This gives you the possibility to shop around and compare prices to find the ideal wearable device.

There are other advantages to choosing an Android watch over an Apple Watch or other Watchmann Marathon watch choices. The Apple product only works when it is synced with an iPhone. In other words, the Apple Watch is an extension of the phone you carry in your pocket. Android watches work independently and can even replace your Smartphone if you would rather wear a device on your wrist. The Apple Watch needs to be synced with an iPhone to access Wi-Fi, GPS and other functions. Android Smartwatches have a built-in Wi-Fi capability as well as a GPS.
The Apple Watch comes with built-in apps. You can download and install additional apps available through the Apple store. However, the number of apps available for the elegant Tritium Watch is somewhat limited at the moment.
Android Smartwatches can run any app developed for this platform. You will have access to a wider selection of apps and more apps will become available for Android devices in the future.
Purchasing an Apple Watch or a Tritium Watch for Men is a good option if you already own an iPhone and are satisfied with the apps offered by the Apple Store. However, an Android wearable device is a better option if you want a stand-alone Smartwatch and a larger selection of apps.